Encounters of the 4th Dimension

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The world was fighting the Psycho Sexual Wars of 2084.  Dr. Rubin S. Andros defined the rules in his seminal book The Guide To All Natural Phenomena where he stated, “War is the behavioral basis for every manifestation of life.”  The good doctor asserted that war equals life (war = life).  War was finally civilized.  Statistical inference or “chance” determined the rules and extent of military action.  Every mind was a battlefield.  Dr. Andros stated, “Life is expendable, but pain is delectable!”
ABOUT THE AUTHOR (redalien31)
Lee Balan is an artist and writer.  He was the first editor and art director for Beyond Baroque Magazine in Venice, CA.  His poems and stories have been featured in several magazines including Gay Sunshine, Lifelines, and Storylandia.  He was a featured poet and performer at Intersection in San Francisco.  His innovative art has appeared in several galleries.  Lee created the cover, illustrations, design and concept for this book.  The book is available on Amazon.com and  barnesandnoble.com.  
Published by Blood Soup Books
Contact: LBALAN@dc.rr.com

Sex & Frenzy in the City - from Alien Journal
movie monster
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The Last Party


          The party was unfolding smoothly, but David Oblivion’s alien senses were alerted after sneaking into the bathroom for some relief.  While pissing, long and golden, he stared at the figure who stared back from the mirror.  He laughed at first, in amusement and amazement -- the red faced, curly-headed figure with tight pants was an obvious fake -- a drag queen, an imitation Botticelli with a powder-puff puss.  The figure behind the mirror bantered and squirmed trying to impersonate David who realized the figure was a vicious agent from Zeitgeist. 

          Once the agent knew David was aware of his identity, he began to remove his disguise.  David stared transfixed as the image in the mirror tore at the plastic copy of David’s own face -- ripping out the eyes, David’s eyes.  It was so realistic that blood began to flow as he tore off rubber skin and body parts.  He stood before David -- a blond, slender creature vacillating between male and female offering himself to David.  He giggled and leaped up-and-down pinching his breast and ass, turning into a grinning parody.  He grabbed a knife and began to carve off pieces of himself, offering bloody chunks while laughing hysterically.  David could hardly contain his fear when he reported the incident to Party Officials.  They unwisely dismissed his concerns and told David to “chill.”  He was already chilled to the bone.   

movie monster

Perfect Love

          Young Billy loved his Mek Machine, Model 2000.  Billy stood naked in the warm, awesome light that radiated from the machine’s face.  He was a handsome lad with a well endowed body.  His Mek lover was huge.  Model 2000 looked like an enormous automobile carburetor with a wide, cylindrical air-filter for a head.  It had innumerable coils and armatures, pipes and valves, and an abundance of plungers and stoppers.  A puffy pneumatic-mattress floated in front of a large, rubbery slit in the face of the machine.  A round hologram-monitor peered down like an all-seeing eye.

          Billy hopped onto the mattress.  The machine hummed and chortled in a sonorous voice, “Hi, Billy -- want to diddle me?”  Billy lay on his back and stared into the eye of his lover.  Electric stimulators slid out from the bowels of the Mek Machine and attached themselves to various erogenous zones on Billy’s body.  Tiny electric shocks encouraged Billy’s sexual excitement.  Hot, oral sponges caressed his body.  The porno monitor came alive with 3-D movies.  Billy was very aroused. 

          He was watching his favorite, most exciting, diddle film, “Mek Machine Orgy,” starring Model 2000, Model 1500-A, Model 700-AB, and Model 750-AA.  “Ooh,” Billy sighed as the machines embraced and disclosed tense cervix membranes and hard-on plunger rams.  Billy’s organ was very hard.  He activated the “dirty-talk” soundtrack and the “rough foreplay” program.  His lover clicked into mechanical action, “Hi there, Billy boy -- so, you’ve been diddling again.  You can’t hide it from me!”

          Billy was about to explode.  His was going out of his mind with electric shocks, porno flicks, dirty talk, and hot sponges.  He wanted to masturbate.  As soon as he touched himself, a metallic coil retrieved his hand and clamped it to the mattress frame.  “None of that, you nasty boy -- I’ll have to teach you a lesson!”  Billy’s legs were lifted in the air and a wood paddle smacked his upended rear-end.  The young man gasped with pain and pleasure.  “Now, Billy boy,” The Mek lover chortled in a synthesized computer-voice, “I’ve got some medicine for you!”  A ramrod with a nozzle danced like a snake near Billy’s face.  The boy obediently opened his mouth.  The ram squirted jets of sex-juice into Billy’s throat.  It was an hallucinogen, an aphrodisiac -- and Billy loved it.

          The Mek 2000 shifted gears from foreplay to heavy love-making, “Kachunk!”  The young man sucked, “Umm, umm.”  The machine replied, “Ugha, ugha.”  Another ramrod unraveled from the machine’s belly.  A flexuous-tongue massaged and licked Billy’s private parts.  A wrap-around squeegee made messy sounds as it sucked and sloshed.  A penetrating plunger titillated Billy’s prostrate gland.  “Ooh, ooh,” Billy screamed.  “Ugha, ugha,” Mek 2000 replied.  Another hose unraveled like a giant python -- the vacuum-suck, rubber-lips attachment wrapped around Billy’s hard cock and slurped.   

          Billy was about to explode.  The Mek 2000 subdued the boy’s sexual urgency with an electric shock.  “Oh Billy,” the machine moaned in a fabricated voice with clacks and clicks, “Billy (click, click) my big, beautiful lover (clack, clack) -- you just got to diddle me (click, click, click); oh, I want it so bad (clack)!”

          The boy lay flat on the cot and moaned in delirious expectation.  Slowly, the mattress plunged Billy into the giant, vaginal slit in the face of the machine.  Billy, with every orifice plugged, slid into the enormous sexual-vortex of his perfect lover.  Screams merged and shattered in eerie cacophony as Billy slipped forever into eternal sexual ecstasy.


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